10k or 14k

When getting jewelry one of the toughest decisions many people face is the choice of getting 10k or 14k. 10k being the most common karat when it comes to jewelry in the American market. Its the most durable and strongest karat which is often a deal breaker for most. 14k is the next general karat up, when getting 14k most buyers are looking for the step up to what many have. It has a different tone of yellow which is more brighter because it has more gold ( for those of you who don’t know for themes part isn’t fine gold its mixed with other metals because gold is really soft and malleable).  So before we get started lets go over this simple gold chart which should be easy for everyone to understand.

Lets go over some reasons people pick decide on rather 10k or 14k works better for them. 10k or 10 karat is made up of 41.7% fine gold and mixed other metals called alloy, for example if you have a bracelet and its 10g marked 10k there’s 4.16g grams of pure gold and 5.84g of alloy. Which makes the price point a bit less than 14k which contains 58.3% pure gold mixed with other metals considered alloy, for example if you have a 10g 14k bracelet its made up 5.83g of fine gold and 4.17g of alloy which is the opposite of 10k. When it comes to engagement and wedding rings 14k is the better option due to the higher amount of gold which makes it stand out a bit more than 10k which some consider a little dull. 14k cost a bit more but is a great option as well it has nice amount of strength only being slightly softer than 10k due to the higher gold level. 14k gives a rich appearance and less likely to give someone with really sensitive skin a metal reaction. When you goto 18k and up you’re now shopping for fine jewelry which has a very unique color richness which comes with weaker jewelry however wearing it and storing it with care is definitely worth it.







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