How gold jewelry gets it's color

How does gold get its color?

If you’ve been wondering how jewelry gets its color then this is the article for you!


As everyone knows jewelry comes in 3 main colors yellow gold, rose gold, and white gold.

Yellow gold resembling the color of gold, Rose gold is considered red or pink in some instances, White gold resembles silver or chrome.

Before we go too deep into the conversation it’ll be of great to take note of gold purity when it comes to jewelry 10k is 41.7%, 14k 58.7%, 18k 75%, 22k 91.6%, and 24k 99%. Please make note that the cut / allow makes they desired color you’re looking for. If you want rose gold you mix gold and copper together. If you want white gold a simple way is to mix gold with only silver. When making yellow gold the traditional way is to use a combination of both copper and silver.


Things to make note of

2 colors is called two tone

  • 3 when you have all 3 colors in one piece its called tri color
  • White gold will need to be rhodium plated every now and again to bring back silver
  • Rose gold plating can some times be more pink than red
  • When getting gemstones in your jewelry you want to use one of the lower karats
  • Choosing more than one color on pendants makes for good contrast
  • When choosing yellow gold the higher the karat the brighter and richer it’ll be
  • When choosing white gold the karat doesn’t impact the color as much because of the plating
  • White gold and diamonds complement each other well

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