Cuban Links For Kids

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a kid? There are so many options to choose from, way  too many to name. We have the perfect gift suggestion for you!

 There are so many reasons we rank our cuban links as the #1 gift for children. Cuban links make statements , bold ones , that made its way into the main stream industry and has influenced so many.

There are so many reasons cuban links make the perfect gift for kids and im going to name a few. Cuban links are one of the stronger design necklaces / bracelets / anklets , and trust me when it comes to children you want to get strong and sturdy we all know how rosy kids can get. Knowing that you gave them something they will be able to keep in a nice condition will offer you a peace like no other. There’s a well known fact that 10k is the strongest karat when it comes to gold jewelry in the U.S so of course that’s one of our suggestions when it comes to picking out the right cuban link. Fun fact the cuban round simple design goes great with pendants making it the usual goto when going after the necklace and pendant combination. Cuban links are one of those things in life that give high vibrations, its a luxury item that people see and respect. Cuban links lay flat which gives you comfort which comes with a great benefits but to add just a few : less likely to get caught on surrounding items, tends to sit still more compared to other designs, repairs are usually significantly less noticeable 

Cuban links are known for its high end luxury look and strength, its durability goes unmatched and will last for many life times. Which gives it even more value knowing it can be used as a sentimental gift that can be passed down on unto that special someone and they can pass it down for generations to come. They come in various sizes so the look want to go after can be achieved. After spending time over seas learning how to make cubans and many other designs I’ve found myself selling cuban links to all parents and loved ones. Its a choice that’s hard to regret, Its a long lasting gifts  that’s low maintain and holds value.

Here a few general questions we are going to go over for you. 

What size cuban link should I get?

Which are the strongest?

Around how much is a cuban link for kid?

What are some good custom pendant designs for kids?


When choosing the right thickness its good to note that you can usually get girls thinner jewelry compared to boys because they are a bit less wild so that makes them less likely to break the smaller designs that boys would normally break in no time. We suggest starting at 3.5mm and up for kids it tends to have enough strength due to the thickness. Note that solid will be too heavy in some cases so its best to go semi solid with children under the age of 10 because it can weigh them down. 5.5/7.5mm are big sizes that also work well with smaller children how ever its a nice fit for the bigger kids and women its good to know your 2 year old can wear a 7mm comfortable aswell.

When looking for the strongest its best to get semi solid over hollow because hollow has a thin layer of gold and known to damage easily. 

When speaking of the strongetr you have to bring up solid however as we said before its bit too heavy in some cases. 

The Miami Cuban will be the strongest cuban link design. Due to the thicker links, other designs tend to me more flat and have spaced out links making them strong but not as strong as when they’re tight. 

A cuban link necklace for a child would run anywhere from $300 - 900, of course you can always go more fancy and get them a diamond cuban link to bring the cost up to $3600 which will sure to boost their confidence as well as raise the eye brows of people around. 

We love this question! Coming from us this may be the most exciting part of the purchase, you get to sprinkle a little inspiration in this one. Nick names are great choices, if they play sports and you want them to focus you can use the ball design or some of the equipment maybe even throwing there nickname on it, you can never go wring with the traditional cross or letter, you might want to use a number you think is lucky or special to you or them. Your logo would be a great investment and idea.


If you’re part of the select that doesn’t wear or buy semi solid then this may be the right solid design a kid. Thethin spaced outlines make for more comfort and the strength that should work formats children and kids. We ‘d suggest 3.5mm-5.5mm for this design , theyre strong and not toon heavy but pack a nice weight, for example a 5.5mm 22” will weigh around 13g.


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