The Perfect Jewelry Starter Kit For Kids

Children love jewelry too! How ever they are a bit less responsible as we are so there are a few things you want to put into consideration before purchasing. How energetic are they? How’s their size compared to other kids their age? What do they like? Will they care to keep up with certain pieces of jewelry? Are they teething? There are many other factors but those are the main things you want to focus on.

The first thing you want to get squared away is the essentials. Even though cleaning kits may not be the first thing that comes to mind when admiring jewelry or even at the jewelry store looking for new pieces. Please take note that kids sometimes like to get a bit wild not thinking about what’s sanitary and what’s not, with that being said kids will definitely get their jewelry dirtier a lot quicker than you would so don’t forget to scratch that off your list first so you don’t forget. ( Don’t worry we have some of the best jewelry cleaner you can get your hands on )

  Now that got that out of the way its time to explore some jewelry options and designs. We’d suggest 10k for their first few items seen that it is the strongest karat of them all with 14k being the second strongest, remember gold is strong but its still considered precious. The goto is usually a necklace / pendent, this is where it gets a little interesting.There are so many things you want to put into consideration starting with the main factor being the design you want to get a design that you also like. Heres a few popular designs that you’ll likely seen the jewelry store ;most popular being the cuban link, ropes, mariner, figaro, cable chain, bead/ ball chain, box chain, wheat chain. Seeing that children are known to show there wild side as often as they get a chance to, lets face it that’s how they get their thrill. You’ll want to get something that’s strong that you don’t have to worry about it popping off and them losing it or even constant repairs that can lead to spending more on repairs than the actually necklace. The goto design for a kids necklace is a cuban link, there are several reasons this is the most popular design. Strength being one of the main reasons what makes it even better the round design cuban have it makes for one of best designs to rock with a pendant for the perfect combination. Ropes are also a great design to wear with pendants but ropes have a lot more smaller links than cubans making it a bit easier to to break, if you decide with a rope to maybe match your fly or just simply because you love the look! You’d want to go with a solid rope  which kids do a lot better with oppose to hollow and semi solid. Cable chains are nice affordable and cute we’d suggest those for girls over the age of 11. Figaros are nice looking chains but aren’t meant be worn with pendants.

When it comes tokens there sizes goes by their ages but if they are big or small you may want to put that inconsideration meaning if they’re big going to the age up or if they’re small going with the correct size keeping it in mind you Amy to need to shorten it.

Kids love to look touch and put jewelry in their mouths so if eyre under the age 4 you may want to get either so that there will not be bite marks all over. Don’t worry there are a small amount of cases where kids eat there jewelry but that is very uncommon.


Starter kits

  1. Jewelry cleaning kit
  2. Necklace / pendant (preferably cuban links)

3. Bracelet (since these don’t have much hanging space you can typically go with your first mind)

4. Watches, not only to tell the time but kids genuinely love watches

5. If you have a girl stud earrings are the goto they aren’t to big or uncomfortable and adds a great amount personality

6. Last but not least the perfect ring for them, make note that they are going to take it off if they have the chance so you have to get them a little tight and keep a eye on them or wait until you feel they Arnold enough to handle them



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