Types of Jewelry Apprasials

Jewelry Appraisal


Insurance Appraisal

Purpose: To Establish the retail replacement value in most common and appropriate markets


Function: To prove a basis for obtaining insurance coverage (By owner who wants to obtain insurance). The retail replacement value represent the cost to replace the described item with comparable items as near as possible.


Liquidation appraisals


Purpose: To estimate an approximate selling pricer described items in a secondary market which is specifically identified in the appraisal document.


Function: To Provide a cash value that might be realized by a seller in a specific market (Requested by owner to convert items into cash). It’s estimation maybe off due to market changes, area change and condition.


Estate appraisals


Purpose: To establish the fair market value in the most common and appropriate Jewelry market.


Function: To provide a basis for paying estate taxes (An estate appraisal is requested by an executor of an estate who wishes to establish the fair market value of a given item in order to pay state or federal estate taxes) .


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