10k White Gold Baguette Ring .93ct


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This upgraded white gold baguette and round brilliant ring is a flex for those who want to stunt and figured it out. This one will have them running their mouth and grinning at the same time with .93ct of diamonds currently size 10.


 Item Code 5740
Item Weight

5.7 Grams

Gold Karat 10 Karat
Diamond Shape Round Brilliant / Baguette 
Diamond Natural 
Gold Color White
Size 10


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They’re both great options 10k has 4.17g of pure gold in every 10gs and 14k has 5.85% of pure gold for every 10gs. They’re both durable and strong, and offer a great look. 14k containing more gold makes it more flexible and a little less hard, it offers a brighter richer color which is often the reason many choose 14k over 10k. 10k has less gold pure gold making it more cost efficient which is why it’s the most sought out karat in the United States. If you’re going for the best bang for your buck 10k is your goto. If you’re wanting a richer look because of the more brilliant color, while letting others know you spent more 14k is the karat for you.
Are you wanting all gold or gold and diamonds? If you’re wanting all gold you can expect to spend a minimum of about a $150 if you want a small name plate with the font already chosen. If you wanted a completely custom pendant you should expect to spend about $1600 on the low end although this won’t be a big pendant. The design and wax model will be around $500 or less as long as it isn’t a big complex design, after that you’ll be charged for the gold and labor. If you want a nice size diamond pendent you should expect to spend around $5000 or more although diamond pendants usually start around $3000 - 3500 starting off with 10k and is diamonds.
Cuban links, ropes, and Francos are the usual goto for necklace’s when on the market for a chain to wear with a pendant. Cuban links are the best for holding pendents and charms, its because of the round design allows your pendant to lay flat and offers the most strength due to the link thickness. Next would be the rope design its completely round and offers a nice amount of strength for every day wear it’s one of the most popular goto’s when it comes to deciding which necklace looks the best with their pendant, when it comes to ropes its best to get a solid rope or a semi solid rope. If possible stay away from hollow ropes if you’re grabbing a custom pendant. The Franco is the next strongest design but if solid it offers a good amount of strength it’s unique design compliments pendants well and will turn heads.
After having your design in mind and sending over your Information it usually takes about 7 - 10 days for your cad (mock design) to be made and presented to you with specs to go along with it including karat size, weight, carat, and price. After its produced all changes can be made within 2 days to fit your liking. After approval production takes about 4 to 5 weeks. So you should expect 6 to 8 week turn around unless you request a rush which can can lead to a 3 - 4 week turn around. The best way to start the process is going to dacustomjewelry.com and going to custom order page or to set an appointment and to come inside to speak in person.
Shipping is available making the process easier for many of our out of state clients. All products will be shipped either next day or two day shipping needing a signature to receive your product. In store pick up is available for everyone as well and encouraged, we know how exciting it can be to finally have your precious jewelry in your hand and we wouldn’t want to miss it for anything! Remember we’re happy to be completely with you from the beginning to the end with welcoming arms, we appreciate all of our customers and have the up most respect for you all. Thank you again for your business!